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This request is for updating an existing product for a seller or creating if it doesn't exist. If the product is valid, we will try to publish it.


PUT /seller_api/products/:sku?v=1.1

cURL Example

curl https://dawanda.com/seller_api/products/:sku?v=1.1 \
  -X PUT \
  -d "@my_product.xml" \
  -H "Content-Type: text/xml" \
  -H "X-Dawanda-Auth: YOUR_API_KEY"

Success Response(s)

A successful request will respond with an XML response with a relative URL to the products page:

<product url="URL" status="success" />


<product url="/product/123-my-product" status="success" />

Failure Responses

When an error has occurred, the API will respond with an appropriate HTTP Status code. The response body will contain an XML document containing a human readable error message and additional details (if any).

See also: Error Codes.

Relevant Information

The SKU in the URL and in the XML should match. It can be different only if you want to update a product's SKU. In that case you should reference the product by the existing SKU in the URL and specify the new one in the XML. Otherwise you will get an error.

When creating or updating products, images are asynchronously downloaded from the URLs provided. However, the API issues a synchronous HTTP HEAD request to determine if the image URLs are valid. If the HTTP HEAD request returns a non-200 status code, the create/update will fail with a 422 Record Invalid error response.

When updating a product it is possible to optionally specify if the images should also be updated by setting the update_required property of the dawanda:images element to true. When the property is set, all old images will be deleted and replaced with those from the update request, so the state must therefore be maintained on the customer side.

If you want to unset a shop_category, set the shop_category_id attribute to 0 and it will be disassociated from the product.

Allowed values for the mailable_in attribute:


This request requires authentication.


Example XML

Link to XML: Product.xml

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