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This request is for bulk creating or bulk updating products for a seller.


POST /seller_api/bulk_products?v=1.1

The request body should contain the XML with the products. The response will have a transaction_id to query for status.

Respected parameters

cURL Example

curl http://en.dawanda.com/seller_api/bulk_products?v=1.1 \
  -X POST \
  -d @products.xml \
  -H "Content-Type: text/xml" \
  -H "X-Dawanda-Auth: YOUR_API_KEY"

Success Response(s)

A successful request will respond with an XML response with the transaction_id which can be used to query its status:




Failure Responses

When an error has occurred, the API will respond with an appropriate HTTP Status code. The response body will contain an XML document containing a human readable error message and additional details (if any).

See also: Error Codes.

Relevant Information

When creating or updating products, images are asynchronously downloaded from the URLs provided. However, the API issues a synchronous HTTP HEAD request to determine if the image URLs are valid. If the HTTP HEAD request returns a non-200 status code, the create/update will fail with a 422 Record Invalid error response.

Check status of the bulk create or update

GET /seller_api/bulk_products/:transaction_id

Replace :transaction_id with the transaction ID from the original response.


This request requires authentication.

The maximum number of products that can currently be added in one bulk request is 250.

XML Schema

Example XML

Link to Example XML: products.xml

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