API Documentation

Product attributes

This page describes the attributes each product can or must have to be published on DaWanda.

Product Texts

Each product has to have at least the title and description in at least one language defined.


Each product must have at least one image associated with it and the uri of the image provided must be reachable so it can be downloaded, resized and stored on our infrastructure.

Pricing Information

Each product has to have a price set. The value has to be specified in euro cents. If the shop is registered on the Polish DaWanda platform, Polish groszy have to be used.

Base price

The base price information element must be provided when listing products in categories that require it (base_price="true"). See the Categories READ endpoint.

The Information for calculating the base price of an item is submitted with:


Allowed values for <dawanda:unit> - Except of "g" and "ml", the base price will displayed on dawanda.com per unit (e.g. 4.00 € per m).

Please note: Units of an item have to be submitted as milli units. This means, you usually have to mulitply your values with 1000 in order to get the correct <dawanda:milli_units_per_item>. So, if the item would come in canisters of 2 l you would need to submit:



A liquid is sold in a bottle with 500 ml for a price of € 5.00 Below, two alternate ways for submitting base price information are described for the same item.

1) base price per ml - unit: "ml", milli_units_per_item: "500000"


The base price displayed on DaWanda would be € 1.00 per 100 ml.

2) base price per l - unit: "l", milli_units_per_item: "500"


The base price displayed on DaWanda would be € 10.00 per l.