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This request is for updating a single order of a seller.


PUT /seller_api/orders/:id?v=1.1

Replace :id with the order ID.

cURL Example

curl http://dawanda.com/seller_api/orders/3?v=1.1 \
  -X PUT \
  -d @order.xml \
  -H "Content-Type: text/xml" \
  -H "X-Dawanda-Auth: YOUR_API_KEY"

Success Response(s)

A successful request will respond with the XML representation of the order, which is equivalent to the response of the Orders READ Single request.

Failure Responses

When an error has occurred, the API will respond with an appropriate HTTP Status code. The response body will contain an XML document containing a human readable error message and additional details (if any).

See also: Error Codes.

Allowed fields

Relevant Information

If the order has been shipped (sent_at was changed), the sent_message field can be used to send a custom message.


This request requires authentication.

Note that when updating an order, only certain fields can be changed. Consult the XML schema to see which fields can be updated.

XML Schema

Example XML

Link to Example XML: order.xml

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