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Orders READ Single


This request is for retrieving the details of a single order of a seller.


GET /seller_api/orders/:id?v=1.1

Replace :id with your ID.

cURL Example

curl "https://dawanda.com/seller_api/orders/7?v=1.1" -H "X-Dawanda-Auth: YOUR_API_KEY"

Success Response(s)

Example response: order.xml

Please note: The value paid_cents includes the amount of the order paid by a DaWanda voucher. If no voucher was used for the order the value is "0". paid_cents is not related to the status of your order and does only display the amount paid by a DaWanda voucher. For any order you can assume the order to be successfully paid if marked_as_paid_at for the order is set. This value is included in each ORDERS request.

Seller Discount Codes

If any seller discount codes were used for the order, they will be provided here too as a <dawanda:seller_discount_code> element. Possible values for the type inside are: absolute, free shipping and relative. The discount value applied is returned in the <dawanda:seller_coupon_discount> element. The value will be "0" if the type inside is free shipping.

Failure Responses

When an error has occurred, the API will respond with an appropriate HTTP Status code. The response body will contain an XML document containing a human readable error message and additional details (if any).

See also: Error Codes.


This request requires authentication.


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