API Documentation

Error Codes

When an error has occurred, the API will respond with an appropriate HTTP Status code (e.g. 403 Forbidden). The response body will contain an XML document containing a human readable error message and additional details:

<error status="CODE">MESSAGE</error>

For example:

<error status="401">API key not provided</error>

A comprehensive list of error codes returned by the API is detailed here, along a description of each error.

Authentication Failed401 You sent an invalid api token or forgot the X-Dawanda-Auth HTTP Header.
Access Denied403 You are trying to perform a forbidden action. This error is unrecoverable, since the request will never succeed.
Internal Error500 There was an exception triggered in our code, please inform us about the issue.
Request Invalid400 The request you sent is not valid according to the provided XSD schemas.
Record Invalid422 The record you are trying to update or create is not valid. The response will contain additional information about the validation that failed. This error will also occur if you try to update a product with an invalid image url. (See more below)
Record not found404 The record you were trying to update does not exist in our database.
Too Many Requests429 You are exceeding the request quota limit for the current time period.

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