API Documentation

PayPal via DaWanda wallet: Additional payment information in orders paid to DaWanda-Wallet

PayPal will soon be available via the DaWanda wallet.

Analogous to the other wallet payment methods, payment information regarding PayPal will be provided with paymentmethod_id "55" and payment_provider_info "mangopay.paypal".

The Seller API in ORDERS <order_payment> returns two new attributes related to Dawanda Wallet information. These new attributes are retrieved just for succeeded PayIn orders: mangopay_status mangopay_timestamp

Please note: The value paid_cents includes the amount of the order paid by a DaWanda voucher. If no voucher was used for the order the value is "0". paid_cents is not related to the status of your order and does only display the amount paid by a DaWanda voucher. For any order you can assume the order to be successfully paid if marked_as_paid_at for the order is set. This value is included in each ORDERS request.

 <payment_info paid_cents="0" payment_method_id="55" mangopay_timestamp="1461594239" mangopay_status="succeeded" paid_currency="EUR">

Possible payment methods that can occur in orders that have been paid via wallet are:

External name / payment_method_id / payment_provider_info